My new journey , what is yours?

  • IMG_2822​Pilot Your Life is about my commencement to being an adventurerΒ and starting a new chapter in my life, working as an English teacher abroad. As I continue this journey, I am driven to capture my explorations of the Chinese culture, the people and friends I make along the way, as well as many delicious foods and exciting trips as I travel the country. I have decided to take control and pilot my life through the opportunities presented to me by indulging myself in the Chinese culture and enhanced my experience by residing in the community of Changchun, Jilin, China. I grew in knowledge about the local language, their currency, and going just about anywhere within the city and country. I want to discover more around me as I continue to embark this new chapter in my life. My desire is to inspire and embolden my readers to do the same and take a step out of their comfort zone to expand their awareness in many ways one can possibly imagine. If you are someone that has been longing to take a risk and experience great adventures, the opportunity is here. Ask me how.Β What are some places you would like to travel or have already been to? Share your stories here! Extraordinary experiences await us all. How will you pilot your life today?